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See These Details About Jack Halfon.

Find out some necessary details about Jack Halfon. Learn about Jack and his family. He likes to spend time with his family and see it grow. He was born in Zimbabwe. David Livingstone Junior School and Churchill Boys High School were the schools he went to in Harare. Here is another detail about him. Halfon went to South Africa as he was seeking greater economic opportunity. Halfon became a significant man in South African microfinance, providing the support he once required to individuals in similar circumstances.

Find out about even more about Jack Halfon. You could be curious to gain some additional knowledge about him. He is an entrepreneur and the founder of Atlas Finance. This is what is quite necessary for you to know about him and Atlas Finance. Jack began Atlas Finance in 1994, with just one branch in Eloff Street, Johannesburg. Currently, there are over 170-plus branches nationwide. Providing loans of R8000 or less, Halfon and his team at Atlas Finance make it feasible for residents of Soweto, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, and other main urban areas, to get short-term relief from their daily expenses. Now, you have discovered some very useful details about Jack Halfon, as well as Atlas Finance.

Look At More Important Details About Halfon, The Volunteer And Philanthropist.

Take a look at these details about him. As a volunteer and a philanthropist, Jack Halfon gives back to a number of South Africa’s impoverished communities, when he is able to. Take a look at this very important point that you should be aware of. The Phuthaditjhaba Community Centre in Alexandra has benefited from his contributions. Now, you have discovered some information about his philanthropic work.

Gain Even More Details About Jack Halfon And His Photography.

What should you know about Halfon and photography? Halfon regards photography as one of his key passions. This is what you should know about Faces and Places. Faces and Places, a photographic journey into the world’s distinct cultures and living environments, was published by Jack Halfon. Faces and Places takes readers to areas beyond the familiar. For Halfon, these photographs are more than just images of the globe. Here is another necessary piece of information. These photographs are intended to relate a powerful tale of the lives of the under-resourced people all around the globe. These details are so very useful to know.

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Jack Halfon

Jack Halfon